How To Use Gemini Account?

Gemini exchange is one of the popular exchanges in the world which came into the market in 2015. The main reason behind it being popular is the Winklevoss twins who sued the owner of Facebook for stealing the idea. This gave them the windfall of 65 Million which they put in the good use by buying the bitcoin and forming the Gemini exchange in 2015.

Gemini Exchange

Gemini Exchange is the platform for trading the cryptocurrencies in bitcoin and Ethereum using the US dollars. It is an exchange which is quite unique in comparison to the other exchanges. The reason for that it has aligned with the legal financial institutes which gave them legitimacy in comparison from the other exchanges.

The best part of the Gemini is the user interface of the exchange is good which makes the experience of the user a soothing one. The charges of the exchange for the trading are different for every transaction ranging from 0 to .25%. The bigger the transaction done by the user the lesser the transaction fee will be charged.

How To Use Gemini Account?

When you are using the Gemini account then you have to know the various things which are necessary. Those important points are discussed below:

  • Where by sign up the platform which is quite a basic one?
  • How to buy the funds on the exchange?
  • How to sell or trade on the exchange?

If you know all these points then you are ready to trade on the Gemini exchange. And if you don’t then you can read the article in which you will all the things that are required to know How To Use Gemini Account?

Create an account or Sign up

If you are new to the process then you have to follow these steps to sign up:

  • Go to the home page and click on the open personal account.
  • Now enter the information that is asked on the form like your full name, password and email ID, after that you can create your account.
  • An email will be sent to your ID from there you have to copy the activation code and paste it on the previous tab and select submit.

Once you do that your account has been activated and next part of the verification starts. It is something you have to do for starting the trading process. You can go through the process by using these simple steps:

  • Link your account with the phone number. This will make your authentication process quite easy.
  • Link your bank account with the Gemini account. You must keep in mind that the account name of the bank and Gemini one should be same this will make the process quite easy.
  • Now in the final step, you will be asked to deposit the ID for the verification of the residency and authentication of yours.

By using this method your account will be ready for the trading on the platform.


Gemini exchange provides you the best way to buy the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum using the help of the USD. If you are interested in buying then all you have to do is go on the buy option. Select the amount of currency you want to buy and pay for that by selecting one of the methods that are provided on the website.


You can transfer the funds on the exchange by using the various methods from your bank account like:

  • ACH deposit
  • Wire Transfer

Once you have funded the Gemini account you can begin the trading process.


Now you have all the basic idea regarding the Gemini exchange and How To Use Gemini Account? If you are interested in investing the cryptocurrency then you should know that you are using the best exchange but with a problem of very few payment modes.

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