Gemini Account Verification Time

Using the Gemini exchange can be one of the best exchanges that are providing the services in the trading of the currencies bitcoin and Ethereum using the USD. It came into existence in the year 2015 and since then it has attained a lot of attention all around the world.

In this, you have to go through the verification process which makes the account safe for the use. This verification process might take time. So the question arises what is the Gemini Account Verification Time?

Gemini Exchange

Gemini exchange is the New York Based exchange. It is a trust which is controlled by the New York State Department Of Financial Services. In the year 2016 it became the first exchange to be licensed by the ether exchange and in 2018 it also got the license from the Zcash exchange.

At present, it is providing its services in countries like the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. If you are interested in the trading on the exchange then you have to go through the verification process. This gives the exchange a plus point for security reasons.

Gemini Account Verification

While trading in the cryptocurrency there is a need to have the best security system. There are many exchanges but there are very few which are reliable. Gemini exchange is one of them which are good and reliable when it comes to security. In this, you have to go through the Account verification process and two-factor authentication which makes it one of the secure places to trade.

In the Gemini account process, you have to submit your ID which is clear and legible with a picture of yours. If you submit the wrong picture or it is not able to prove your residential address then you will not be able to get through the verification process. This failure makes impossible for the user to trade on the Gemini exchange. So you can say that it is very important for the user to get through the verification process if he or she wants to trade on the platform.

Gemini Account Verification Time

When you have submitted the documents successfully for the verification process then you do not get the approval immediately. The process of the verification takes time and the normal time period for that is about one to three days. You may think that it is time-consuming and a waste of money but it is not.

It takes time for a reason and the reason for that is- The platform has to verify from different agencies which confirms the validity of the user. If they do not take this job seriously then your account will not be safe. You can say that it is better to be late than sorry.

Things required For Account Verification

When you are getting your account verified there are some things that are necessary for the verification process. The things that are required for the verification process are discussed below:

ID Proof

When you are submitting your ID you have to consider some important things which should not be ignored if you do that you might not be able to get through the verification process.

  • It should have a clear picture of yours.
  • The ID should have the legible writing on it.
  • It should be able to prove your residency of the state.
  • There should be no multiple languages written on it.

If you are not able to go through any of the points then you will not be getting your account verified.


You have to understand that the verification process is done to verify that it is you who you are claiming to be. If you are not able to do that than your verification will be rejected and you will not be able to trade on the platform.

So while submitting your picture you have to keep some things in mind like:

  • The picture you are uploading is clear means the pixels on it are not distorted.
  • The image should be clear and visible that is the face of yours should not have a shadow or any reflection on it.
  • It should cover the entire window that is provided by the exchange for the picture is you do not do that then your verification project will be rejected straight away.


Now you know all about the Gemini account verification and the Gemini Account Verification Time. We hope that you have acquired all the information that is needed for the verification process. So that you can easily go through the verification process and wait for the result.

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