Gdax ID Verification

Gdax exchange is one of the popular websites which is used for the exchange of the cryptocurrencies. It takes security as one of the major concern for the users that is why they have to go through the verification process. So in this article, we are going to discuss the Gdax ID Verification process and what can be the benefits of using it and what to do if it fails.

Gdax ID Verification

Identity verification is a very important process for security purposes by any company. In the Gdax you have to go through the Gdax ID Verification process. This is done to verify the person identified by the help of the ID submitted by the user. This process is very important for users as it will help you to protect from the people who want to steal your money by using the fake ID. It will help you trace back the fraud if he or she is somehow able to steal or hack your money from your

Process For Gdax ID verification

The verification process is done by using two-level identity verification. Users are not able to place the deposit or trade before the verification is completed. The process is quite simple but is different in different countries. For example in:


Here you will be requiring these following things for the verification process:

  • Photo of a passport, ID card with a picture on it.
  • You have to answer a few Identity Questions.

For US users

  • A photo of a driver’s license or State ID( In the passport state of the residence will not be described so they are not accepted)
  • Residential Address
  • Social Security number

These are the things that will be required by you to submit on the website. When you do that you will get through the process for some time. But you have to remember that if there is a fault in your picture or the ID then you will not be able to get through the process.

Gdax ID Verification Denied

When you are applying for the verification process you have to submit the ID and if there is a problem then you might not be able to go through the process. Here are some of the reasons for not able to get through the verification process of Gdax:

  • The ID you have submitted does not have the picture of yours or it is not visible can also be the reason for you not able to get through the process.
  • The picture of yours is not clear means the visibility is less or the pixels are distorted can be the reason your picture getting rejected for the verification.
  • If you are in US then you have to submit your state residency address. If you moved and submitted the wrong one then you will not be able to get the approval for the verification.

There are some other reasons also for not able to get the Gdax ID Verification so you should follow all the instructions provided by the platform.


Now you know about the Gdax ID Verification and other things related to it like what is required for the verification, why it can get rejected. So you can follow this article and get through the verification process of the Gdax.

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