Gdax ID Verification Not working

If you have the problem related to the Gdax ID Verification Not Working then you have come to the right place. Here you are going to get the knowledge regarding the Gdax Id verification why it is not working and what can you do to avoid it.

Gdax Exchange

Gdax is the cryptocurrency exchange which is gaining popularity with the availability of major currencies that are available in the market. Its user even increased more after it joined the coinbase and called as the coinbase pro. If you are looking for the website which is secure then you should go for it.

In this, you have to go through the verification process which makes it safe for the users. The user who has not gone through the verification process will not be able to trade on the platform. So you can say that it is the first step for the starting of the trade on the website.

Gdax ID verification

When you are starting the trading on the Gdax you will be going through the process of Gdax ID verification. This is the process in which you have to submit your ID with the picture of yours. This is necessary because without it you will not be able to save yourself from the conman and hackers which want to steal your money.

When the ID verification is done it gives the proof that the person is who is he or she is claiming to be. And if any wrong activity is done by he or she will be able to track him or her.

Gdax ID Verification Not working

When you submit your ID then you will have to keep some things in mind. If you do not follow those points then there is a chance that you will not be able to get through the process. So here are some of the reasons for Gdax ID Verification Not Working and what you can do to avoid it.


When you submit your picture you have to be sure that it is clear if it is not then it will be going to get rejected. In this, your picture you should have proper pixels means it should not be distorted and you face should be visible. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that the picture covers the whole window provided by the platform.

If you follow both the points then you will not be having the problem regarding the ID verification.

ID Card

For the verification process, you have to submit the ID card as well. In that, you have to keep various things in mind. Some of them are discussed below:

  • The ID card you have submitted must have your picture in it.
  • The name on the ID card should be legible.
  • There should be only one language on the ID
  • If you are in states then it must have the residential proof of the state in which you are staying.

If you submit the ID card which does not have any of these things then there is a chance that you will not be able to get through the verification process.


So these could be the reason for Gdax ID Verification Not Working. You can avoid them easily by taking the precautions mentioned in the above article. So use one of the best cryptocurrency exchange by getting your ID verified and be secured.

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