Delete Gemini Account

With the rise and the fall of the bitcoin and another major cryptocurrency, there is a demand for the questions like how to Delete Gemini Account? is on the rise. This is not the only reason for deleting it as a different person has a different reason for taking the same steps. In this article, we are going to discuss the reason and way to delete the Gemini account.

Gemini Exchange

Gemini Exchange is the trust company which is regulated by the New York State Department Of Financial Services (NYSDFS). It is one of the trusted exchanges which is providing its services for the trade of the currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, and other major currencies.

If you want to cover the gap between the present currency and the future one then you should go for the Gemini Exchange. Here you will be getting the opportunity of trading the digital currency with the safety. You can believe that the money you are transferring is under the supervision of expert engineers.

Delete Gemini Account

Things you Required

Even after the facilities provided by the Gemini exchange if you want to delete the Gemini account you have to keep various things under the consideration like:

  • You have to clear all the transaction before deleting your account.
  • WE can withdraw all the money you have from your account.
  • You have to clear all the payment issues you have done in the past.
  • If you have any payment left then you have to submit that also

These are some of the things you have to keep in mind because without them you will not be able to delete your Gemini account.


If you have done all of that then you can easily delete you Gemini account if you want to. Follow these simple steps and delete your account:

  • Go to the Gemini official website where you have to click on Help Center > Using Gemin>  Account Management.
  • Here you will be getting the option of “How do I close my account?”
  • Here you can reach out the helpdesk to Delete Gemini Account.
  • When you click on the “Here” button a new window will open and from there you have to select for what reason you want the help for. Select the “My Account” option.
  • After that, a new form will pop up down below which you have to fill accordingly.
  • In the section where you are asked for what you need the help for; you can select the option “Closure/ Close Account”. And give the description or the reason for deleting your account.
  • Once you have filled all the form then you have to clear the CAPTCHA task after that your form will be submitted and your account will be deleted.


So now you have got the idea regarding the process of how to Delete Gemini account. The thing you should keep in mind that before deleting the account you have withdrawn all the currency in your account. If you do not do that you will not be able to retrieve that back.

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