Coinbase Unable to Verify Card

When you are trading on the coinbase there is a need for you to verify your card. But during some instances, Coinbase Unable To Verify Card. So what is the procedure to verify and what you should do if you are not able to achieve it? In this article, we are going to discuss each and everything about it.


Coinbase is one of the user-friendly websites which provides you the service of transferring the major cryptocurrencies all around the world. If you are looking for an exchange which is secure and charges fees for the cryptocurrency economically you can go for it.

Coinbase takes the security seriously because it verifies each and everything and then allows its users to transact the money. But there are some instances when the user is unable to verify the card and not able to transact. This can be irritating so what are the reasons behind that?

Coinbase Unable To Verify Card

When you are trading on the coinbase then you have to verify the card before transacting. If you are not able to verify then there can be various reason behind it. Some of them are discussed below which can help you understand the problem:

Not Accept

There are some banks which do not allow the transaction for the cryptocurrencies. So when you are submitting your card information you should check if your bank allows this facility or not. If your bank does not allow it then you will not be able to buy any coin from the coinbase.

It will not matter you are submitting the right information or not unless your bank allows the transaction. This can be one of the many reasons for coinbase unable to verify card whether it is credit or debit. So it is better for you to check the term and condition of your bank account before doing such kind of mistake.

Wrong Information

When you are entering the information regarding your card you should be vigilant. As one wrong digit can be the reason for not able to verify your card. So before submitting the information, you should double check the information you are going to
submit. It is because you might get confused and will not be able to find the reason behind the error that is being generated due to it.

Not Supported

Even in the coinbase, there are limited numbers of cards that are supported. If you are using the card like prepaid, secured or reloadable then you will not be able to verify the card. These cards are not supported by the coinbase. So it is fruitless to try to buy the cryptocurrency using these cards.

These are some of the reasons if you are not able to verify your card.


You have to do this procedure to verify the card before doing any transaction:

  • Click on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the setting from there.
  • On click on the payment method, you want to choose from there.
  • After adding the bank account select the bank account if it is shown then log in.
  • If you are not able to find that then add the bank account details by yourself.

These are the basic steps for the iOS user to verify your card.


So this is the way for you to verify your bank account and what are the reasons if Coinbase Unable To Verify Card. From here onwards we hope that you will not be having any difficulty in getting your card verified.

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