Coinbase Temporarily Disabled

Coinbase Temporarily disabled is something you might face but you should not. This problem can be faced by the user for various reasons. If you face this problem you can tackle it but this kind of problem should not happen. So what are the reasons and what you should do to avoid this kind of problems?

Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase is the exchange which is providing its services in cryptocurrency since 2012. It provides in most of the major currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others. You can use to exchange or trade using the fiat currencies which is one of the many plus points of the exchange.

Coinbase takes the security of the data and the cryptocurrency very seriously. There are various options provided by them to the users like 2FA to keep their account safe from the eavesdropper and the hackers. They keep most of their currency in the form of cold storage. If you are looking for a start to trade in the cryptocurrency then you should try this exchange.

Coinbase Temporarily Disabled

If your coinbase account is temporarily disabled then there can be various reasons for that. Some of them are discussed below:


If you are getting your account verified you have to get through the process of submitting the ID. If you submit the wrong ID or have done something wrong in the procedure then there is a chance that your coinbase account might get temporarily disabled.

To avoid this kind of problem you should enter the clear picture of your ID with you that is covering the whole window provided by them.


This is something that does not happen often. But if you are facing the problem of your account then getting hacked can be one of the reasons. In this, the person who hacked your account might have stolen away your currency and disabled your account.

This kind of problem can be easily resolved if you have enabled your 2FA code. This will give you the instant information regarding any activity in your account and you will be able to stop that. Terms and conditions There are various terms and conditions which you accept while signing up your account. If you have violated any of those terms then your account can be temporarily disabled. To get your account back you have to send the email to the coinbase which they will verify and then you will be able to access your account again.

Temporarily down

Coinbase is the exchange which has business all around the world with a huge market cap. So it is obvious there are people who want to steal that money. To avoid these kinds of problems Coinbase has to maintain and update their software regularly.

If this happens then coinbase will be temporarily disabled and all the transactions are put on hold. You cannot do anything for this kind of problem all you can do is wait to end that maintenance break.


So these are the reason for your getting your Coinbase Temporarily Disabled. We hope that you have got the idea of why you are not able to get access to your account or can avoid them in the coming future.

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