Coinbase Remove Bank Account

Coinbase Remove bank Account – is the term that you do not hear often. If you are working on the coinbase then you know that the trading facilities provided by them are smooth and does not cause any hiccups. But there are situations when a user might have to face the problems.

Here we are going to discuss the problem which is not that common but when it is faced can create a massive headache for you. That problem is Coinbase Remove Bank Account, if this happens you will not be able to trade any currency. So what can be the reason behind that and what can be the solution for that?

Coinbase Remove Bank Account

Coinbase is the currency exchange which has been providing its services since 2012. It can be considered as the paramount when it comes to the services it provides. You can trade all the major cryptocurrencies that are available in the market like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other major ones.

There are 32 countries where it is providing the exchange services of major currencies but when it comes to the bitcoin it ranges expands to 190 countries worldwide. If you are new and want to have a safe and fast transaction then you should go for it.

Coinbase Remove Bank Account

When you are trading on the coinbase platform you have to connect your bank account. This is done to pay or do any transactions. But there are some conditions which have to be followed if they are not then your account will be removed. So here are some of the reasons which may cause this problem:

Wrong Bank Account

When you are entering the information regarding the bank account then you should check if the bank or the coinbase provides the services from that account or not. There are some banks which do not allow the users transact for the cryptocurrencies. So you should check the bank conditions before entering the information otherwise coinbase will remove the bank account you have entered.

Minimum Balance

When you are transacting the money on the coinbase you are charged some transaction fees. If you are not able to provide that money then your transaction will not be completed and at some point, coinbase will remove the account. So you must have the minimum balance in your account for the transaction fee or your bank account will be removed.


The solution to this problem is simple. You can either go for the exchange coinbase pro which charges low transaction fees or use an alternate bank account which is accepted by the coinbase and have the required amount in it.

If you are having this problem then you should go for the above solution and have a better experience of trading the cryptocurrencies. As you will not be getting the answer for the problems like this from the customer service provided by the coinbase. This is because they have the worst customer support system.


The problem like “Coinbase Remove Bank Account” does not have the solution which can be resolved easily. All you can do is find an alternative for that to avoid this headache.

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