Coinbase Password Requirement

Learn about Coinbase Password Requirement. When you are on the digital platform there is a need to have a password which can protect your account. If your password is a week then you can lose all the money you have even to an amateur hacker. So what should be your password and what are the requirements to have a safe one.

Coinbase Password Requirements

Coinbase is the exchange which is famous for the security it provides to its users. They store most of the currency in the cold storage which is under the constant watch of the security. So when you are trading on the coinbase you can be sure that your money is safe with them.

But from your side also there is a need to keep those coins safe. If you do not then coinbase will not be able to help you. So you should have a secure password which cannot be easily cracked. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind while creating the password for the coinbase account:

  • Password must have 8 characters.
  • It should not be longer than the 72 characters.
For strong password

To protect your account you not only need to create a password but also a strong on which cannot be cracked easily. So, there are some of the requirements which can help you to design a password which is strong and cannot be cracked easily:

  • You can use the alpha-numeric keys which can make the password a complex one and difficult to crack.
  • When you are entering the password there is a meter below it which can guide you if you are entering the strong password or a week one.
  • You can use the symbols which can make your password even stronger.
  • The strong password can be formed by the help of using the random words initials and use that acronym as your password.

These are the things which can help you build a strong password but there are some things which you should avoid also. Those are as follows:

  • Never to reuse the password again and again for different websites.
  • You can use the phrases but never the popular one from the books or movies.

Long Password

When you are making your own password there is a chance that you will be making one which has already been used. Those might be leaked or hacked already which are available in the password dump.

So even when you create a long password you should keep in mind that it should not be common. If it gets common or the leaked earlier than it becomes easy for the hacker to crack it and get access to your account.

How coinbase store password?

Even after you have created a good password you might be having the question regarding the safety from the coinbase side. Well, you should not be afraid about it from the coinbase side. All the passwords in the coinbase are salted and hashed with the help of the crypt algorithm with a work factor of 12. The password you are submitting is never stored in the plain text.


These are the basic Coinbase Password Requirements which you should keep in mind before you start trading on the coinbase. By the help of these points, you can create a password which can keep your account safe and free from the hacking problems.

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