Coinbase Lost 2FA

When you are working on the coinbase or any exchange there is a need to have security. This is necessary as you are trading the money you have earned by doing the hard work. For that security measure user use the 2FA but what to do is Coinbase Lost 2FA? This kind of situation can be very troubling for the user who has invested a lot of money.

If you are one of them then you should read this article as it is going to be very helpful for you and if not then it might come in handy in the coming future.

Coinbase 2FA

Getting the Coinbase 2FA can be very helpful for the user if he or she wants to trade safely. When you enable the two-factor authenticator, you connect your phone with the coinbase account. By doing this you can have a constant watch over your account.

When you get the account 2FA enabled you to get the constant messages regarding any change in your account. So when you find any suspicious moment you will be able to stop that. By doing this the user makes his or her account safer than the other accounts.

Coinbase Lost 2FA

The moment the 2FA is enabled you start to get the messages on your phone regarding the coinbase account. So the mobile phone plays an important role in the security of the account. But what if

  • he mobile phone of yours gets lost or stolen by someone.
  • Broken your mobile phone.
  • Accidentally deleted the profile on the Authy/Google authenticator.

Then you have lost the coinbase 2FA and will not be able to log in your account. But there is no need for you to panic as there is a way which can help you to log in your account and start the trading again. All you have to do is save the secret seed code after enabling the authenticator. You can use that code and sign in your account.

But once you have logged in to your account you should definitely rest the coinbase 2FA reset. After doing that you will be able to log in your account in a similar fashion.

Coinbase 2FA Back-up Code

When you have lost the coinbase the other way to log in the account is by using the back-up codes. These codes are generated in the set of 10. If you do not have the key you can use any code to log in the account. But once you have used the code it becomes useless. You should keep these codes saved in a secure place if you lose them then anyone can use it to sign in your account.

Generate Back-up Code

There are different steps for the generation of back up codes for android, windows and iOS users.
Here we are going to discuss the iPhone and iPad users.

  • You have to open the Gmail account. From there you have to click on Menu > setting your> account> to manage your Google account.
  • On the top of the screen, you will find the option of security click on that.
  • After that tap on the 2-step verification.
  • There you will be getting the option of “Backup Codes”. You can download or print those; it totally depends upon your preference.

In any condition, there is a minor doubt regarding your back-up codes being stolen or lost you can generate the new ones. By doing this you will be nullifying the old codes or you can say that they will become inactive.


From this article, we hope that you have attained the information regarding the Coinbase 2FA and what should be done if Coinbase Lost 2FA. By taking these precautions or steps you will be having a better experience using the coinbase.

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