Coinbase Failed To Verify

When you are using the coinbase you have to go through various verification processes. And there can be instances when Coinbase Failed To Verify them. What are those instances and what could be the reason behind them?


Coinbase is the exchange which came into the existence in the year 2012 and since then it is gaining popularity. On this platform, you can trade all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other coins.

It is considered one of the best exchanges for the beginners with the features of security. But there can be issues which will make it difficult for you to work or trade on this website. Some of them are discussed below.

Coinbase Failed To Verify

For the beginner, there are various processes which are required for security purposes. This makes it one of the best website on the basis of security. But you might face some difficulty if are not able to follow the process. So here are those instances:

Coinbase Failed To Verify ID

When you start the trading on the coinbase you have to verify your identity. For that, you have to submit your picture and ID card with Handwritten date and time below it. You might think that it is a very simple process but there are some points which you have to keep in mind. If you are not able to do that than your ID verification could get failed and will not be able to trade on coinbase. Here is the list of things that are necessary while submitting them:

  • The picture you are submitting should not have glare or shadow on your face or distorted.
  • The image should cover the whole window provided by the coinbase.
  • The ID card you are submitting should have an image of yours with the residential proof.
  • Name and address on the ID card should be legible.

If you keep these things in mind and then your ID verification process will not be failed. But if you do not then you can definitely expect your coinbase ID verification process to fail.

Coinbase Failed To Verify Card

While you are trading on the website you have to submit your bank account details from which you are going to pay or store the money after selling the currency. But there are instances when the Coinbase Failed To Verify those details there can be different reasons for that:

Human Error – You have submitted the wrong letter of the card which gives the wrong information and not able to verify.

Does not Support – There are various companies which do not support the transactions regarding the cryptocurrency. So you will not be able to verify that card. Even after submitting the right information.

Coinbase does not support – The problem of not supporting is from both the sides. Even though there are multiple options for the user to pay on the coinbase. But there are some cards which are not supported by them. So try to avoid them.


So now you know the various instances when Coinbase Failed To Verify. After reading this article we hope that you will be able to avoid those problems and have a euphoric experience while using it.

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