Coinbase Can’t Verify ID

Getting your account verified in the cryptocurrency world is one of the necessary steps. If you are using the platform which is serious about the security then verification of the ID becomes important. This is the similar case with the coinbase. But there are some instances Coinbase Can’t Verify ID. At that point, you will be asking yourself what to do and what were the reasons behind it.


Coinbase is the cryptocurrency exchange which is providing its services all around the world. You can trade on all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies. It takes the security very seriously which is the reason a person has to go through the verification process before trading.

In this, a person has to verify his or her ID but there are instances when they are not able to do that. In this article, we are going to discuss the various reasons for that and precautions which can help you to avoid them.

Coinbase Can’t Verify ID

When you start working on the coinbase you have to go through the verification process. In this, you have to submit various things to prove authenticity as the user. If you are not able to do that then you might not be able to trade on the coinbase. If you have the problem like this you might want to know the reason behind that. So here are some of the reasons which can help you to assess the situation:

Picture Not Clear

During the ID verification, you have to submit the Picture of yours. If that picture is not clear than coinbase will not be able to verify your ID. The picture can be unclear for the reasons like:

  • There is a glare on your face due to lightning which can make your picture unclear.
  • The image you have submitted is not in the proper lightning means it your face is not visible.
  • The picture you have submitted has the poor picture quality that is the pixels are distorted.
  • Space or the window provided by the coinbase is not completely filled.

These could be the reason your ID verification cannot be verified. You can avoid these problems by keeping these points in mind.

  • You can use the coinbase application to submit the picture so that you will have the idea regarding the size of the picture you have to submit.
  • The image should be taken in the proper lighting means there should be no glare or shadow on your face.
    You must use a camera with high resolution.

ID Card

While you are going through the verification process you have to submit the ID card or your Driving license as well. While doing that there are some of the points you have to keep in mind. Those are as follows:

  • While submitting the ID you have to make sure that the ID card has your picture on it. If it does not then you will not be able to get through the process.
  • There should be single language written on the ID which is legible if it is not then your ID verification will fail.
  • The ID you are submitting should be along the picture of yours.
  • These are the common reason for your ID verification failure and the ways you can avoid it.


Now you know the reason why Coinbase Can’t Verify ID and what you can do to avoid these kinds of situations. So follow the above-mentioned points and avoid the hiccups during the process.

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