Coinbase Account Verification not Working

When you are working on the coinbase you have to go through the various procedures and may have to go through the problem like Coinbase Account Verification Not Working. There can be various reasons for that and you can avoid them by taking some precautions. In this article, we are going to discuss the coinbase account verification.


When you are new to the cryptocurrency world then you are going to look for an exchange which is trustworthy. Coinbase is the exchange that is providing you the platform which is safe and is serious about the job.

It is providing the service of transacting the major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more at different transaction rates. For transacting on coinbase you have to go through the verification and other security processes which makes it one of the popular exchanges in the world.

Coinbase Account Verification

Verification process on the coinbase is one of the initial and important steps. Without it, you will not be able to go trade anything using the coinbase account. In this process, you have to prove that you are the person who you are claiming to be rather than being a conman.

If you are not able to verify your identity in the process then you will not be able to trade anything using the coinbase account.

Coinbase Account Verification not Working

To get your account verified you have to submit various things. And if any of those things get nullified or not able to prove your identity then you will not be able to verify your account. So here are some of the reasons your account verification not working and methods to avoid them:


When you have to verify your identity you have to submit the Picture of yours. While doing that if you do any mistake then your verification might not work. So while submitting your picture you should keep these things in mind:

  •  It should be clear means there should be no glare, pixels should not be distorted, there is should be no shadow that is it should be taken in proper lighting.
  • The picture should cover the whole space provided by the coinbase. If you do not do that your picture will be rejected.

The best way to verify your account is by using the coinbase mobile application. By using this you will be able to get verified easily.

ID card

During the process, you have to submit the ID card also. In this you have to consider various things if you do not then your verification process will not work. Some of the important points are discussed below:

  • There should be a clear picture of yours on the ID card which proves that you are using your own ID to verify the account.
  • The ID you are submitting should be legible if your name or anything on it is not legible then you will not be able to verify the account.
  • There should be only one language on the ID card.
  • It should be able to prove your residency.

These are some of the things you have to keep in mind while submitting your ID card. If you are able to that then you will be easily getting your account verified.

Last and most important thing you should do while submitting the ID card and the Picture is that date and time. You have to mention them in the handwritten form. To prove that the picture you have taken is during the time of submission of your documents.


We hope that you have understood the reason for your Coinbase Account Verification Not working. And after this, you will be able to avoid the problems you are facing now or in the coming future.

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