Coinbase Account Restricted

While using the coinbase for a long time you might have come up with a term – Coinbase Account restricted. If you haven’t then you might be thinking what is it and what is the reason for it. And if you have then you might be looking for an answer which can help you to resolve this problem.  Here you are going to get all the answers you have been looking for.

Coinbase Account Restricted

As the term goes when you are trading on the coinbase you have to follow certain rules and if you are not doing that then your account might get restricted. Once it is done you will not be able to trade anything from your account, not even to log in to that. So it is important to avoid this kind of situations.

Reason for Coinbase Account Restricted

When you are running the coinbase account you have to follow some rule and regulation if you are not following them then your account will get restricted. So what are those rules or conditions which you have to follow?

Some of them are discussed below:

Security Issue

In digital trade, you have to keep on circumspection the environment. If you or coinbase found any suspicious activity going on then you will disable your account. Or the coinbase will for the protection of your money. So when your account gets restricted by the coinbase then it is for your own good.

These activities can be:

  • Entering the wrong password.
  • Not able to verify your identity
  • Not able to enter the two-factor authentication key.

Technical glitch

Coinbase has to constantly keep on updating its platform if it does not then it opens the gate for the hackers. So to protect the accounts of its users from these people it keeps on updating the software and adding up the security features. When this procedure is going on then there is a chance that your account will get restricted for some time.

You should not worry about this kind of problem. As this is going to be fixed in no time and you will be able to access your account again. There are other reasons also which can make Coinbase Account Restricted like not able to fulfill the age limit criteria, incorrect or unauthorized transaction, and many more.

How To Avoid Coinbase Account Getting Restricted?

There are different criteria for different things while working on the coinbase. If you are not following them then your account getting restricted is a possibility. You can avoid those conditions by taking some things into consideration while transacting on the coinbase.

Some of them are discussed below:

  • Always able to verify your identity by keeping the two-factor authentication key and other necessary information with you.
  • Always double check the information you have entered while signing in or transacting the money. As the wrong information can be considered as the suspicious activity which could result in your account getting restricted.
  • You should be able to follow the conditions like age, fee structure, and many more.


Now you know the reasons for your Coinbase Account Restricted. If you are facing this problem then these could be the reasons, so try to avoid them and have the best experience of using trading the cryptocurrencies.

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