Binance Google Authenticator

There are very few exchanges which take security seriously for the digital exchange. But binance provides you the facility of Binance Google Authenticator. This makes the binance as one of the best ways to secure the account from getting hacked or things like unauthorized access.

Binance Exchange

Binance exchange is one of the topmost exchanges in the market cap. They are able to achieve it because of the facilities it provides with the security features. It provides all the major cryptocurrencies for the trade like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and etcetera. You can buy or sell those currencies using different modes of the payment which makes it a soothing option.

Binance Google Authenticator

In the digital world when you are trading the currency security is one of the most important things you want. This is provided by the binance by taking the various security measures Binance Google authenticator is one of the options from them. Today we are going to discuss its procedure and other aspects with it.


When you start trading on the binance you will be required to verify your account and also connect to the Google Authenticator. So sign in start the procedure. There are different levels of the verification. In the first one, there is no need for you to verify your ID or anything. But the problem is there is a limit of trading over it. As you can trade only 2 BTC on the daily basis. But for the second step you have to follow these steps:

  • You must install the Google Authenticator on your mobile phone.
  • On the Binance you have to enable the Google Authenticator.
  • Now add binance in your Google authenticator.
  • On binance, you have to finalize the setup.
  • Log in your Binance account with the two-factor authentication.

These are the basic steps which can help you to set up the Binance Google Authenticator. There are other methods also but this is one of the best ways for you to secure your account.

Time Taken

When you are getting a Binance Google Authenticator, it can take time. This happens because they verify your ID which you have submitted for the authentication. This is done for a reason and that is to verify if the ID which is submitted is not stolen or not used again.

So you can expect your Google authenticator to be verified and start within a couple of days. But sometimes it takes more time because of the traffic.


When you are using the Binance Google authenticator there can be some hindrances which you can face. Some of the problems or errors you can do while doing the process are:

  • You are not using the legible ID.
  • A full window is not covered by the picture.
  • The picture is not clear or does not have the high resolution.


Binance is the option you should look for the trading for the cryptocurrency if you are looking for the security. So use the Binance Google Authenticator and start the safe and secure trading. Rather than going for the other options.

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